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December 7th 2021 8-Hour Comprehensive CE with 1-hour of Florida-Specific Mortgage Law
Tuesday, December 07, 2021, 09:00am - 05:00pm
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florida mortgage loan originator continuing education

Florida Mortgage School 8-Hour 2021 CE NMLS Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Originators Continuing Education Course With 1-Hour of Florida Statutes Course ID 99568

In August 2012, the NMLS Policy Committee (NMLSPC) passed the following CE policy. This policy is intended to promote greater uniformity among all mortgage state licensing agencies.

Annual CE as a Condition of Renewal: As a condition for license renewal, an MLO is required to complete at least eight (8) hours of CE in the same year in which he/she is placed in an approved license status by a state agency, with the following exception: - An MLO who has completed his/her pre-licensure education (PE) course requirements in the same year in which the license was approved, is not required to complete CE.

In the event, an Mortgage Loan Originator had a requirement to complete CE and failed to do so, and as a condition for renewal or reinstatement, “Late CE” is required to be completed to satisfy CE for the last year in which the MLO was in a renewable status.

“Late CE” courses are those courses that have been specifically approved and configured so that upon completion, course credit will be retroactively applied to the appropriate previous year.

Additionally, and in accordance with the Model State Law (MSL), an MLO who subsequently becomes unlicensed must complete the CE requirements for the last year in which a license was held prior to the issuance of a new or renewed license.

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