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How to purchase MLO courses on our new website

We have recently upgraded our website and that has caused a bit of confusion with some of our clients that got used to the old website and its design. In this short post, we want to help our past and future customers and students purchase classes online.

When you get to our new website you have to pick a category and mortgage class of interest to you. On the top menu hover your cursor over MLO Online Courses and you will get to see a drop-down menu with the following categories:

home page 1


NMLS Pre Licensing Education

NMLS Continuing Education

MLO Cram Courses

Click on the category of your interest and you will be redirected to the page with scheduled classes where you can pick a class that you would like to attend. Click on that class and in the right top corner click add to cart.

class add to cart


After you click add to cart you will be prompted to register in order to buy the new class as on the new website everybody needs to register. 

registration popup

On the registration page fill in the requested information and after you do that you will be able to buy the class that you already previously added to your cart.

student registration

That class should be already in your cart and you need to check it out as you would do on any other website.


Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Florida Mortage School


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