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Course 6824 - Pre-Licensing NMLS Approved 20-Hour SAFE NMLS Comprehensive Course with UST Component and 2- Hour Florida-Specific Instruction 

Course Number 6824 - All licensed mortgage brokers are required to take this course in order to be compliant with the new Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (SAFE Act) established requirements for the licensing and registration of all Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs). MLOs who work for an insured depository or is owned or controlled subsidiary that is regulated by a federal banking agency, or for an institution regulated by the Farm Credit Administration, are registered. All other MLOs are to be licensed by the states. This course is taught by our licensed instructors according to the NMLS guidelines. Please check our schedule for a course near you! This is an Approved NMLS Course, and satisfies NMLS requirements for pre-licensing and Florida–Specific Education.

Cram Course and Practice Tests Available

Cost:  $298.00

2019 Schedule

February 11-12 August 12-13
March 11-12 September 9-10
April 8-9 October 14-15
May 13-14 November 11-12
June 10-11  December 9-10
July 8-9

2019 8-Hour SAFE Comprehensive Continuing Education

This course satisfies the requirements set forth by the Secure and Fair Enforcement Mortgage Licensing Act for a comprehensive 8-hour continuing education course for mortgage loan originators for 2019. The 8-Hour Classroom Course: “SAFE Comprehensive Continuing Education,” covers topics required by the SAFE Act: (3hrs) of federal law, (2hrs) of non-traditional mortgage lending, (2hrs) of ethics (which shall include fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending issues), plus (1hr) of Florida-specific education as required by the State of Florida for your 2019 license renewal.

Course Expectations:
Attendance: Attendance is mandatory to receive course credit.

Classroom Policies:
• Active participation is required in this course. Students are expected to be actively engaged with the material, listen to and follow the directions of the facilitator (instructor), participate in group discussions and activities, and complete all student activities as assigned.
• Students are expected to be respectful when interacting with the instructor and other students in the classroom and refrain from inappropriate language or derogatory comments.
• Cell phones should be on mute or turned off.
• Tape recorders are not permitted during class lecture sessions.

Course Completion:
Before your completion status can be transmitted to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS), you are required to:
• Spend the minimum required amount of time in the course.
• Attend and participate in all course sessions.
• Complete all required activities.
• Multiple-choice chapter quizzes are included as additional activities with no passing score required.

Course Evaluation:
At the conclusion of the course, you will be asked to complete a Course Evaluation 

Classes available April through December.

Contact the Administrative Office at 407-509-6456 for schedule and cost.


Florida-Specific Professional Education for Mortgage Loan Originators


If you have already taken the 20 hour National Mortgage Licensing System course, and either are new to the industry, or you currently are licensed, and passed your Florida Mortgage Broker exam. This course is taught by our licensed instructors according to the State of Florida's guidelines. 


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